Tryckenheten är 1 mm Hg. Vilket atmosfärstryck är normalt


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2. Dial Range. See below. 3. Gauge Scale. P = psi primary, bar  Nominal MPa values of equivalent psi concrete strengths. In metric In imperial, concrete strength is denominated in pounds per square inch (psi).

Psf to psi

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Download Density Unit Converter our powerful software utility that helps you make easy conversion between more than 2,100 various units of measure in more than 70 categories. Convert 60psi to psf. Email problem ideas to: Advanced access, 1-on-1 sessions and live webinars are available to VIP members. Please Pound Per Square Foot (abbreviations: psf, or lb/ft2 ): is a British (Imperial) and American pressure unit which is directly related to the psi pressure unit by a factor of 144 (1 sq ft = 12 in x 12 in = 144 sq in).

What is the average amount of pressure/force exerted by a

How many pounds-force per square inch in 39 Exchange reading in pounds per sq. foot unit psf into pounds per sq.

Measurement Convert 400000 Pound Per Square Inch To

- Pound per square foot (Pound-force per square foot), psi,  1 foot of water at 62°F = 62.355 pounds per square foot = 0.433 pounds per square inch. 1 inch of mercury at 62°F = 1.132 feet of water = 13.58 inches of water  Instant free online tool for psi to pound-force/square foot conversion or vice versa.

Psf to psi

The answer is 0.070306957829636. We assume you are converting between kilogram/square centimetre and pound/square inch.
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Start This on the web one-way conversion tool converts pressure or stress units from pounds per sq. foot ( psf ) into tons per square foot ( tsf - US Short ) instantly online. 1 pound per square ft ( psf ) = 0.00050 tons per square foot ( tsf - US Short ). How many tons per square foot ( tsf - US Short ) are in 1 pound per square ft ( 1 psf )? How much of pressure or stress from pounds per sq.

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"The proof pressure is 17637 psi" - är det magnumklass? och betyder det att  Aluminium handpump with flexibel anslutning och 0-20 bar (0-300 psi) precisions (Användingsexempel: KX450F m luftgaffel, VN1700 bakstötdämpare)(PSF,  172 psf.

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